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Date: 22.04.2018
  • Savannakhet Chamber of  Commerce and Industry 

Savannakhet Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) is an independent organization representing business members in the province of Savannakhet. SCCI acts as a link between state agencies and the business community. SCCI also represents labour groups, associations, business groups, state enterprises and joint ventures established under the law of Lao PDR.

  • The Role, Authority and Function 

  A. Vision:

-  To be the leader of business community in the province of Savannakhet.

-  To be the center for training in business, trade and investment.

-   To protect the rights and benefits of Savannakhet’s business community .



B. Authority:

-   Negotiate disputes within the Decree of 316/PM

-   Issue and terminate the Certificate of Origin (CO) for export

-   Coordinate between state agencies and enterprise units, the Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LNCCI), and other international organizations

-   Establish and manage sector specific business groups or associations


C. Mission:

-  Provide current information, training seminars and other activities to members

-    Collect and gather inquiries and suggestions from business members

-    Liaise between government and business members to improve relations

-    Organize and attend domestic and international meetings and seminars for idea exchange

-    Provide business members with information relating to policies of the party and the government of Lao PDR.


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